For more than 100 years, True Temper Sports has been the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of golf shafts, winning more PGA tournaments in the history of golf than all other brands combined.

Since 2004, True Temper Lacrosse has designed, engineered and manufactured lacrosse handles for the most respected brands in the game. Now we are building them exclusively for our brand TRUE. We build them in our own manufacturing facilities with engineers, designers and material specialists dedicated to improving your performance.

Our product portfolio of performance enhancing equipment has evolved and expanded to include the hockey, lacrosse, baseball, paddle and cycling markets. There is a continued focusand determination to be the best. A determination to be an organization that brings constant transformational technologies. An obsession to be #1. That is TRUE.



For more than 100 years, True Temper Sports has been the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of golf shafts. Each week on professional tours worldwide, more golfers tee it up with True Temper shafts than all other shaft companies combined. True Temper is the preferred brand among golfers worldwide, and known for superior performance.


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True Temper’s Hockey Division was established with the mission of bringing the company’s devotion to the highest quality materials, the strictest manufacturing processes and the best engineering minds to the ice. For fourteen years, other hockey companies hired TRUE Hockey to design, engineer and manufacture over 2,000,000 sticks – sticks that showed up in the hands of countless NHL professionals and provided domination at every level of the game.

Following in the steps of True Temper Sports, TRUE Hockey is poised to continue providing the hockey industry with superior stick design and technology for many decades to come. With full control of the product, from R&D to distribution, TRUE Hockey is focused on one goal, devotion to the best in stick performance.

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