Since 2004, True has designed, engineered and manufactured lacrosse handles for the most respected brands in the game. Now we are building them exclusively for our brand TRUE. We build them in our own manufacturing facilities with engineers, designers and material specialists dedicated to improving your performance.

TRUE Labs is where the physio science of the athlete is paired with the unique capabilities of composite and alloy materials to create handles that complement and enhance their greatest abilities.

We do it with the #1 golf shafts on the PGA Tour, one of the fastest growing hockey sticks in the game and now with our lacrosse handles.

Innovation, Engineering & Testing

TRUE’s Engineers have developed some of the games most enduring composite technologies including SmartFlex, SmartPly and the just released LZ Technology.

From in the lab to on the field. TRUE’s ongoing tester program is committed to putting potential new products in the hands of lacrosse players at every skill level and their coaches to test and give us feedback. The tester program has already put our handles in the hands of over 750 testers and more go out each week.

The new True Temper Ridgeway Test Center will begin playing a crucial role in the company’s world class product development process and its ongoing efforts to continually bring innovative solutions to the lacrosse marketplace.

True Lacrosse technology logos


Developing the most innovative lacrosse handles means controlling every part of the process. It doesn’t matter how good the design is if it cannot be manufactured consistently. Just because something can be produced in a controlled lab by a highly skilled technician doesn’t mean it can be mass-produced successfully.

As a global company with operations on 5 continents and 3 manufacturing facilities on 2 continents, our design engineers have literally combed the earth for the best performing carbon and alloy materials available. Together with the best design and process capabilities, material quality and performance are vital for a high performing, high quality product.