TRUE’s Composite Engineers have developed some of the games most enduring composite technologies including SmartFlex, SmartPly LZ Technology. Whether your game is one of power or finesse, TRUE Comp handles offer groundbreaking performance for elite lacrosse players of all ages, at any position.


LIGHTER & STRONGER than traditional composites delivering the ultimate in feel and performance. Our SmartFlex technology and high tech carbon fiber optimizes the amount of shaft flex for better shot speed and accuracy. The soft touch grip provides an athletic grip that stays warm in cold weather and won’t get slick in the rain. The COMP SF 4.0 is designed in the optimal 7/8″ diameter shape that transitions to a full 1″ at the top eliminating the need for adapters.


The LOADING ZONE is specifically positioned to maximize snap, ball speed and accuracy. TRUE engineers have created a unique variable flex profile unlike anything the game has ever seen. Loading Zone technology features multiple flex zones which provide superior feel and accuracy while passing and unmatched speed when shooting. Our proprietary TRUE Blue carbon weave reinforces the handle at the point where the energy is released.

SmartPly creates an unmatched bond of weight, balance and industry-leading impact strength. SmartPly is an exclusive process developed by TRUE engineers by which fiber angles and the order of those angles are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft.

SmartFlex is a TRUE-exclusive design process by which a handle’s stiffness profile is optimized for all types of play. With SmartFlex technology, we can control where, when and how a handle flexes, delivering the right snap, control, feel and accuracy for every style of play.


The size and distribution of the microspheres in the handle coating minimizes the surface area in contact with the glove reducing friction and allowing faster transition of the hands. When matched with a glove palm, increased pressure applied to the handle will engage and lock the two surfaces together providing greater contact, torque and control. That’s surface lubricity. That’s TRUE.