TRUE ALLOYS were developed for the aircraft industry and translate to a leading edge, high-quality, durable lacrosse handle suitable for all ages and levels of play. TRUE engineers have identified the 3 essential properties most important in building  high-quality alloy lacrosse handles. Lighter and stronger is what you will get as you move through the TRUE alloy line up from the 2.0, Sc 4.0 to the Sc-Ti 6.0.


TRUE ALLOY SHAFTS use 3 distinctively different materials. TRUE engineers have been able to provide a lighter shaft paired with stronger alloys as your work your way through the TRUE alloy line up. We reduce the weight of the shaft while having minimal impact on durability, in some cases even improving it.



10,000 HOURS of research and testing go into each product we develop. Even with all of that knowledge and R&D, we still know that certain aspects of your game are based on player preference. It’s all about how it feels to you.